The death of Cuban revolutionary and strongman Fidel Castro on Friday signaled the end of a long and isolationist era for the island nation… or maybe not. 

His brother Raul Castro remains in power and appears to be clenching his fist around the Cuban people. Additionally, economic reforms spurred by U.S. President Barack Obama’s steps to reverse the trade embargo may now be in jeopardy, as the current regime tries to remain in control.

On the other hand, there is hope that Castro’s passing could mark an opening up of the country, WLRN reported, allowing for more opportunities for entrepreneurship and expression. The country may already be opening the way for foreign investors, according to CCTV America. But this is a shaky time to put new investments into Cuba (Seeking Alpha); the country remains far from friendly to foreign markets, and its stability is still in question. 

In the short term, the Los Angeles Times posited, the government will likely retrench into Castro’s main political and economic strategy, starting with a nine-day mourning period across Cuba.

With yet another shakeup to world leadership, investors have even more to think about, if not yet more to do.